My Holiday…

Consisted of me spending it in bumfuck nowhere, with bumfuck no one, and getting a bunch of things my mom thinks I need to become a man before she ditched me to hang with her friends. I wanted a bunch of nerd stuff. You know, Harry Potter hoodies, money to get the Heartless symbol tattooed on me, shirts with superheroes, and comic books. Instead, I get a new wallet, cologne, and a dress shirt. Bleh.

Ah well. Merry Christmas, all you Tumblr people, and if I could, I’d pass out hugs all around.

Fuck it, maybe I’ll try. I’ll start studying astral projection right now.

  1. theliasonyoulove said: I’m sorry you didn’t have a good Christmas. Well, at least now you are ready to be a real man! Because cologne and wallets are what men are made of.
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